The good news is that these days there are quite a lot of apps for QuickBooks time tracking. The bad news is that the choices can be somewhat overwhelming, so it isn’t easy to choose just one.

Each time tracking application has different features and advantages. You will like some of the features of one solution, but dislike some of its other aspects. There is no right choice as part of this is about personal preference.

It’s important to figure out which time tracking application has the features you need. A detailed list of different time tracking applications can help you make a choice.

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Software solutions that support QuickBooks time tracking integration


hubstaff-time-tracking-ios-appHubstaff has recently introduced their new time tracking integration with QuickBooks. We are currently still at stage one, which means that you can integrate Hubstaff with QuickBooks 2006-2012. The time you track on Hubstaff can easily be imported to QuickBooks so that you can pay your employees.

You can also invoice clients by importing the tracked time to QuickBooks. When we get to stage two of the integration, it will be significantly improved.

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Replicon provides time tracking services and it also integrates with QuickBooks. Its architecture is very flexible, meaning that you can customize it to fit your current business needs. That flexibility also allows you to integrate and connect client data streams.

Replicon is a very secure system and it requires minimal training. With this software, you will be able to bill clients on time and keep all projects in check. Since Replicon can be integrated with QuickBooks, you can use that to share your project and billing information.

It is very simple to send your expense data to QuickBooks using Replicon. That is how invoices and cost statements are made. All you need to do is to choose the data you want to transfer and that’s it. The results are immediate.


With ProWorkflow, you can now transfer your invoices to QuickBooks very easily, with a simple click of a button. You can even synchronize your contacts from ProWorkflow to QuickBooks.


BillQuick lets you synchronize employee profiles with QuickBooks and the information is displayed on invoices and reports. With BillQuick, you can create an unlimited amount of projects for clients. You can then transfer and synchronize those projects with QuickBooks.

As a QuickBooks user, you will get more flexibility when you integrate it with BillQuick. In this sense, BillQuick provides even more features than QuickBooks. BillQuick gives you the choice of nine contract types, which includes the hourly ones.


Harvest provides QuickBooks integration, and data transfer is automatically completed. You don’t have to manually enter any data, regarding invoices and payments.

Since all employees’ time data is automatically copied to QuickBooks Online directly, you get more time to actually examine those numbers and review them. See how Harvest compares with Hubstaff.


10000ft is a great software for anyone who wants to export project budget tracking or client invoicing to QuickBooks. This ideal integration can handle both billable and non-billable hours. Say goodbye to inefficiency and say hi to efficiency with 10000ft and its QuickBooks integration.


With ClickTime, you get to finish things faster and improve your workflow. Integrate your timesheet data with QuickBooks using their simple integration solution, the QuickBooks Connector. You get so many features with their QuickBooks Connector; it’s no wonder that ClickTime is on QuickBooks’ list of Silver Developers.