Finding the Right Timesheet Software for Remote Teams

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you know that good time-management can reduce expenses and improve productivity. Timesheet software helps you in achieving these goals by giving you good insight over how your remote teams are doing their work, allowing you to evaluate worker productivity from across the globe.

What if you manage remote teams however? How do you find and use good timesheet software for remote teams? To find the solution you have to answer a few more questions.

What do you need in a Timesheet software solution?

Before you decide on the right software for your needs, you need to consider your business requirements. Here are some useful questions to ask yourself:

  •  Do you need a simple time-tracking solution that just allows you to track time and evaluate productivity?
  •  Or do you also need the software to track expenses and handle payroll?
  •  How large are your teams and what operating systems do your workers use?
  •  Will your workers operate from the same device at all times, or will they need to constantly change locations and devices?
  •  Are you planning on growing your remote teams and at what rate?
  •  Which features are a must for you, and which features are less important?

The sooner you answer these questions, the sooner you’ll be able to pick the right timesheet solution for yourself.

What is the best timesheet software for remote teams?

In theory any time-sheet software can be used to manage remote teams if you’re clever enough. However some solutions are better at this task than others. Preferences and management styles vary as do the dimensions of your business, which is why there is no one-size fits all solution.

That isn’t to say you have go and test each of the various time sheet applications yourself. We’ve made your job easier by whittling down the top 4 choices and how they relate to managing remote teams.

1)  Bill4time – get your professional invoices

This piece of software was originally built to help freelancers track their own work and produce beautiful and professional invoices for clients. It isn’t designed with managers in mind, but if you want, you can train your remote workers to use it and send you timesheets and invoices manually.

Its advantages are simplicity of use, security features and an ability to categorize time-blocks by project or type of work. Its useful in running remote teams because it can be accessed from the web, from mobile apps and from a light desktop application (built on adobe air).

2)  Harvest – it’s simple and requires minimal training

Unlike Bill4Time, this service seems to advertise to both freelancers and teams, and in fact it boldly claims to be “perfect for teams”.  Managers and business owners are offered features such as budget-management and data analysis as well as an ability to “approve” and “reject” timesheets. The main benefit it has is that your remote contractors can enter time from any location with web-access or use their Android or iPhone apps.

3)  Paymo – another web-based service

This is another service that seems to target both managers and freelancers. The feature set is similar to that of Harvest, but it seems to be friendlier to international users in that it offers invoicing in many different currencies and proudly boasts users from most countries in the world.

The main issue with Paymo is that it isn’t clearly segmented whether it wants to be a “freelancer toolbox”, a “collaboration tool” or “project manager”. If you’re trying to manage and keep oversight of remote teams – the unnecessary features might actually be a distraction.

4)  Enter Hubstaff – the timesheet solution for managers

Free from a wide range of excess features, Hubstaff presents the most elegant solution for managers seeking oversight over workers across the globe.
Hubstaff - Timesheet Software for Remote Teams

  • All processing and features are handled on the website. The worker just needs to install a very lightweight and unobtrusive software app
  • The app gathers data and discreet screenshots from the worker’s computer and intelligently recognizes idle time and active time
  • Suitable for small and big teams alike – build up remote teams without worrying about team size
  • Flexible and mobile – remote staff are able to use it and work from any device or location on any of the major operating systems
  • Automatic payroll management. Hubstaff lets you set hourly rates and have it  automatically charge your credit card, paying your employees on a weekly basis
  • Adaptable to any kind of project – can handle a wide range of tasks organized by project names or organization
  • Intuitive and straightforward – designed to be easy to use and require no or minimal training on part of the workers, they just install a light widget and press the start and stop buttons on a timer
  • Affordable and scalable – the plans are designed to scale well to cover anything from the smallest teams all the way to large enterprises
  • iOS app for tracking time on the go

Choose your timesheet service wisely and get to work

Finding the right time-sheet solution is easy if you know what your goals, needs and limitations are. From there, just try to match the features offered to your business requirements.

In our experience Hubstaff tends to be ideal for most small and medium-sized businesses trying to manage remote teams. The main benefit is that Hubstaff was built with the manager and owner in mind, minimizing bloatware on the side of the worker.

Your employees only need install a very lightweight piece of software on their desktop, no training required. If they know how to press a “start” and “stop” button, they are qualified to get on your Hubstaff tracked team.

You on the other hand, get a wealth of data and powerful features packed in a very elegant and streamlined package. You can login to the website at any time to dig in as deep as you want, or choose to stick to a shallow bird’s eye view of your workers. Whether you like to keep it simple and stick to the default settings, or you want to go and tweak the advanced settings – Hubstaff should be a joy to manage with.

With Hubstaff you can track time, take screenshots, monitor activity levels, export reports and create invoices.

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