Find Freelancers: 10 Sites to Find Top Talent

When hiring virtual freelancers, you have the luxury of focusing on skill and qualifications, without being limited by geographical location.

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Hiring outside talent can introduce fresh perspectives and innovative new ideas to your business. Freelancers are a good option when you need skills that your company workforce doesn’t have, or when you want to get work done efficiently while keeping costs relatively low.

Despite all the perks, hiring freelancers does has a few difficulties. You have to find freelancers who are reliable and qualified, then invest in an effective software for employee monitoring (especially if you’re paying an hourly rate).

Fortunately, the Internet is a global meeting place of some of the best minds in their fields. Whatever industry your business is in, you can find freelancers easily and effectively with these popular freelancing websites.

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1. Outsourcely

Features: Browse freelancer profiles, chat, document sharing, video and voice chat.


Outsourcely is a popular freelancing site that allows you to browse freelancer profiles, interview and recruit freelancers to assemble your workforce. Before you hire, you can read all about a freelancer and even communicate with them and interview them.

Outsourcely services don’t stop once you’ve hired a freelancer. They also allow for real time communication (voice, video and chat), and document sharing.

It’s easy to find freelancers on Outsourcely. Just post a job, get recommended freelancers, hire your freelancer and begin work. Outsourcely provides the tools you need to finish your project, from collaboration tools to payments.

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Another option you have is to find freelancers by browsing profiles for freelancers whose skills meet your needs. Outsourcely’s work categories include Design & Multimedia, Web Development, Programming & IT, Writing & Content, Business Services, Mobile Applications, Administrative Support, Customer Support and many more.

Best of all? Outsourcely is offering all Hubstaff customers a 30% discount. Enter hubstaff30 to get 30% off all plans.

2. Upwork (formerly oDesk)

Features: Browse freelancer profiles, money-back guarantee, payroll services, Work Diary that shows screenshots taken at 10-minute intervals.

Upwork (formerly oDesk) is a popular freelancing site that allows you to hire, manage and pay freelancers from around the world. Freelancers from Upwork are flexible and can operate on projects that are short, ongoing, individual, team-based and more.

In order to find freelancers on Upwork, just post a job, hire your freelancers, track their work and then pay them by linking your credit card, bank account or PayPal. All of this is done via Upwork to make it easy to focus on your project instead of logistics.

Freelancers on Upwork are well-qualified and well-documented. You can find freelancers by browsing their work history, portfolios, client reviews and language skills. Everything you need to know about how they work is available on their profiles, and Upwork will even recommend skilled applicants for your job. From there, just interview your top candidates and begin work.

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You can hire freelancers from Upwork categories such as Web Developers, Mobile Developers, Designers & Creatives, Writers, Virtual Assistants, Customer Service Agents, Sales & Marketing Experts and Accountants & Consultants.

3. Freelancer

Features: Post jobs or contests, browse freelancer profiles and proposals, see showcased projects, safe payments.

Freelancer is the world’s largest freelancing, outsourcing and crowdsourcing marketplace. Their extensive network of employers and freelancers span 247 countries, regions and territories, and they have hosted more than seven million projects since 2001.

In order to find a qualified freelancer for your job, just post a project and receive bids within minutes. Then compare proposals and price, select the freelancer you want to work with, and begin work. Freelancer provides communication tools and secure payment services. Freelancer will only release your payment when you are satisfied with the work provided by their freelancers.

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Freelancer’s work categories include Websites, IT & Software, Mobile, Writing, Design, Data Entry, Product Sourcing & Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing, Business, Accounting & Legal, and more.

4. Hubstaff Talent

Features: 100% free, no middlemen fees (client or freelancer), choose how you get paid, how you set up the contract or how you communicate with the client.

Hubstaff’s staffing service helps businesses find quality contractors that work on an hourly basis. Hubstaff works with quality firms to help you find freelancers who are qualified and vetted. Hubstaff has already taken care of negotiating low rates and flexible terms with the freelancers they contract with, and invested time in finding top talent.

Get started by describing and submitting your project for free. Once you send in your project, they will begin looking for talent that fits your budget and requirements. Upon finding a good match, they will send you the freelancer’s company, hourly rate, LinkedIn profile and contact information. From there, just schedule an interview or briefing and get started.

With Hubstaff’s employee monitoring software, you only pay for work performed and get a clear picture of what your freelancers are working on while billing time. You can use Hubstaff’s innovative time tracking software to control budgets, view randomized screenshots, see activity levels to gauge productivity, get automatic reports and automate payments right from within your Hubstaff account. Their software makes it easy to work with remote freelancers so you can focus on growing your business.

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5. Guru

Features: Browse freelancer profiles and portfolios, online collaboration tools in Work Room, payments released only when satisfied.

Guru is a freelance service based in Pittsburgh, PA that helps businesses find the right freelancers for the right job. They have a global network of more than 1.5 million “gurus” who are able to help with your technical, creative and business projects.

In order to find freelancers with Guru, just post a project for free. You can browse freelancer profiles and view past work so you can hire your freelancer with confidence. Once you’ve chosen a freelancer, manage your project online at the Guru Workroom, where you can create agreements, define milestones, assign tasks, communicate, share documents and more. Guru also takes care of payments; you pay Guru and they will release the funds to your freelancer only when you approve the work.

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Guru’s service categories include Web, Software & IT, Design, Art & Multimedia, Writing & Translation, Admin Support, Management & Finance, Sales & Marketing, Engineering & Architecture and Legal.

6. iFreelance

Features: Free for employers searching for freelancers, email alerts for new project bids.

iFreelance is a website focused on connecting freelancers with businesses that need their services. In order to find freelancers, just post your projects for free or browse the iFreelance database and contact a freelancer directly. When you post a project, you can look through your project bids and review freelancer profiles to see their ratings and qualifications.

iFreelance services are free for businesses looking to find freelancers. Freelancers on iFreelance pay a monthly subscription fee to create profiles and bid on projects, so the only costs you incur are what you pay directly to your freelancer for his or her services. iFreelance doesn’t charge commission or transaction fees, so both companies and freelancers get a better deal. Ultimately, this business model allows you to spend more on your projects and less on recruitment.

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iFreelance’s work categories include Accounting/Finance, Business Consulting, Photography/Videography, Programming/Database Development, Writing/Editing/Translation and Marketing/Advertising/Sales, among others.

7. PeoplePerHour

Features: Quality checked freelancers, funds released only when you’re satisfied with the work, hands-on support team, browse Hourlies (fixed-price offers for set projects), collaborate, manage and pay online with WorkStream.

PeoplePerHour can help you find freelancers with the right skills for whatever your project needs. Their freelancers are skilled with design, development, content and promotion. In order to get started, just describe your project and goals, then PeoplePerHour will send it to curated experts to get the job done.

All PeoplePerHour freelancers are curated and their work has been quality checked, so you can be confident that your project is in capable hands. You work with freelancers remotely to save on overhead costs, and PeoplePerHour won’t release your payments until you are satisfied with the work delivered.

In addition to posting a project and receiving proposals, there are two other ways to find freelancers with PeoplePerHour. You can browse “hourlies” for fixed price offers ready to begin immediately, or you can search freelancer profiles and contact them directly. Just make a downpayment and begin work.

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With PeoplePerHour, you can manage, communicate and pay freelancers in your WorkStream. Your WorkStream is an easy way to track all your job history, review and accept proposals, manage invoices and communicate with freelancers all in one convenient online location.

8. Workhoppers

Features: Recommended matches from a tested algorithm, job promotion and networking services, browse candidate profiles, skills and availability.

Workhoppers connects businesses with local professionals seeking freelance, part-time and short-term work. All you have to do is post your job, get immediate matches, connect with the freelancer of your choice and negotiate directly.

When posting a job, you can define the skills needed, location and duration. You can pay hourly or by project, and Workhoppers will match you with qualified professionals. Visit your My Matches page to see profiles, skills, availability and contact candidates directly.

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Workhoppers charges a fee to businesses posting more than one job listing. A paid plan is required in order to view full freelancer profiles and contact unlimited candidates. Their plans range from $0 to $175. Aside from your monthly or annual fee, Workhoppers doesn’t take any commission or other payments, allowing more funds to go directly into your projects.

9. 99designs

Features: Contest-based hiring, different design packages, prize money only released once you’ve selected a competition winner.

99designs is one of the top freelancing sites to find graphic designers. They have categories such as Logo Design, Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Book Cover and Website Redesign.

Find freelancers with 99designs by filling out a simple design brief and choosing a design package. 99designs will launch a design contest based on your brief in their marketplace, where a community of more than 1 million designers can compete for the job. You can view the design submissions in your 99designs account and use ratings, comments and private messages to help designers get the perfect look. Once you pick the winner and sign a copyright agreement, 99designs will transfer the award money to the designer and you can download and use your new design however you like.

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Once you’ve met a designer whose work you like, you can continue to work together using 1-to-1 Projects, which allows you to quickly hire, manage and pay freelance graphic designers. Just invite a designer, pay securely, and get your designs.

10. Smashing Jobs

Features: Social media job promotion, wide network of professionals with technical skills such as coding and programming, Smashing Magazine also offers workshops, books and eBooks.

Smashing Jobs is a job board from Smashing Magazine that focuses on programming and code development skills. Their magazine covers topics like coding, design, graphics and WordPress. They also provide a subscription to eBooks on design and coding best practices and workshops on topics such as responsive web design and UX (user experience) design.

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You can post full-time or freelance jobs on Smashing Jobs. Their main categories are Design and Programming, but they also have an Other option that can be used to find freelancers with various other skills. Their job board has been helping to connect great companies and gifted job seekers since 2008 with more than 4 million monthly users. Currently, it costs $225 to post a full-time job and $75 to post a freelance job. In addition to posting your job on their job board, they will also advertise it on their social media profiles.

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Once you’ve found a freelancer that suits your business needs, don’t forget to invest in effective work monitoring tools to ensure productivity. You can give your virtual employees the tools they need to succeed and track their time with Hubstaff’s time tracking app. Hubstaff also offers automatic payment and payroll, so you and your freelancer can focus less on office tasks and more on doing quality work.