Ben Walker is the founder and CEO of Transcription Outsourcing, LLC, a fast and reliable transcription service for clients in wide-ranging fields from medicine and law to insurance and finance.

Ben recently took the time to sit down with us and share how Hubstaff helps him manage a high-performing, dependable team and does it all smoother than he could imagine.

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How Ben got started with Transcription Outsourcing

Ben has worked in the transcription industry for over eight years and started Transcription Outsourcing in 2010 in order to diversify beyond the medical industry which was the focus of his original company. Today Transcription Outsourcing maintains an office in Denver, Colorado and works with a remote team of up to 30 independent contractors across the US, and 60 in India.

They’ve been able to grow by leveraging the power of strong references. Ben and his team take great pride in their service and by constantly exceeding his client’s expectations, they have built a roster of clients that rave about them. When potential clients hear the work Ben and his team deliver, the sales process gets a lot shorter.

Death by 1,000 spreadsheets

Ben originally tracked his team’s hours like many other businesses: by using spreadsheets. The trouble was that as his team grew, it quickly became impossible for him to stay on top of it all himself. He had the spreadsheets saying the number of hours worked but had no way of knowing if they were accurate. There were just too many people for him to keep track of to know if the hours matched up with reality.

Not only was it hard to verify the numbers, but calculating payroll was a chore. Ben had to combine data from multiple spreadsheets, make sure nothing was missing, chase down employees for any missing data, and finally input it all into his payroll service. The process took hours and he knew it wasn’t even that accurate.

What Ben needed was to have data he could trust, all in one place.

With Hubstaff there’s no more guessing

Ben trusts his team, but when you rely on a manual system, there is always room for error. Hubstaff has filled in that gap.

Not only is it easy for his team to track their time, but if he ever has any questions about whether their hours are accurate, he can look at the screenshots to make sure work was being done. Ben also found that when his employees knew screenshots were being taken randomly, they were much more productive, regardless of whether or not he did check them.

One of the hardest parts of building a remote team is finding people you trust, especially when they are spread around the world. Hubstaff makes it easy to build that trust by giving you screenshots, as well as URL and app tracking. Trust, but verify.

To top it all off, while payroll used to be a task that Ben dreaded, with Hubstaff it takes him less than 10 minutes. He simply runs a report in Hubstaff to see the hours worked by each team member, types it into his payroll provider, and it’s done. No more reconciling a dozen different spreadsheets and crossing his fingers that it was all accurate.

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Empowering his employees

While most of his team is remote, there are a few employees that regularly commute to Transcription Outsourcing, LLC’s offices in Denver. Previously, this was wasted time, but with Hubstaff’s iPhone and Android apps, his team members are able to track their time regardless of where they are. Yes, even on the bus.

His team doesn’t feel like they are being watched. Instead, they feel empowered to work whenever and wherever they want because they know that Hubstaff gives Ben everything he needs to know and that work was being done when they said it was. Trust goes both ways, and now there won’t be any more disputes about how long a project actually took because employees have the proof.

What the future holds

Transcription Outsourcing has been growing rapidly, and that isn’t changing anytime soon. In the next year, Ben and his team are planning to expand significantly, especially with local law enforcement agencies. And because of their dependability, they are taking on larger roles with many of their current clients.

Transcription Outsourcing is a big player in the transcription business above all else because Ben has made it a priority to deliver high-quality results, on time and on budget. We can’t take the credit for that, but Hubstaff has helped make Ben’s job just a bit easier by minimizing the administrative overhead and increasing the efficiency of his team.

No longer does Ben need to spend hours handling payroll or worry about whether or not his team is working the hours they say they are. With Hubstaff, there is no more guessing, and now Ben can focus on his growing business.

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In Ben’s own words:

“I personally think every company can benefit from Hubstaff.  No more spreadsheets, no more adding or subtracting minutes or hours or seconds.  Four or five clicks and I have the report I need to pay my people.  I seriously can’t tell you how much easier it is to use than excel or hand-written time sheets.  Unless people like those headaches I would suggest anyone who wants better tracking and easier time keeping, they use Hubstaff.”

Tired of tracking time with spreadsheets?

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