Unfuddle is a project management tool that utilizes a ticket system to solve problems and complete any tasks required for a particular project. Tickets can be viewed and organized into different projects, so you can see what’s been done and what has to be done for multiple departments, clients or businesses.

Hubstaff’s Unfuddle time tracking integration will allow your remote teams to track time to individual Unfuddle tickets in order to record time accurately and easily. Their intuitive, lightweight desktop apps were developed in MacWindows and Linux to eliminate compatibility issues and ensure functionality.

Integrate Hubstaff and Unfuddle today in order to:

  • Utilize efficient Unfuddle time tracking tools.
  • Start and stop tracking time with the push of a button.
  • Access employee monitoring tools such as screenshots and activity levels.
  • Automate payments and payroll.
  • Work and track time offline with the Hubstaff desktop app.
  • Get rich time reports that can be downloaded or emailed.

View Unfuddle Time Tracking Integration for a step-by-step guide on how to enhance Unfuddle with Hubstaff.

Streamlined Unfuddle Time Tracking

Unfuddle Ticket Time Tracking App

Hubstaff’s desktop app is lean, lightweight and helps your teams track time and work more efficiently.

  • Start and stop time with the push of a button.
  • View all Unfuddle tickets in one convenient location.
  • See ticket due dates and recent updates.
  • Add work notes to individual time entries.
  • Track time while working offline. The app will upload time records and screenshots once a user reconnects to the Internet.

Simple Integration

Integrate Hubstaff and Unfuddle in a few easy clicks to begin tracking time to individual tickets.

  • Connect Unfuddle users and projects in Hubstaff.
  • After initial integration, tickets will sync automatically.
  • Link as many or few users as you want.
  • Linked users will automatically see assigned tickets; there’s no need to manually add tasks to track time.


Learn how to get started at Unfuddle Time Tracking Integration.

Monitor Productivity

The Hubstaff desktop app takes randomized screenshots and records employee activity levels so you can see how your team works, what they work on, and how well they work.

  • Activity levels are calculated based on key strokes and mouse movements.
  • Monitor activity levels to find your top performing employees.
  • Randomized screenshots provide the best picture of what your remote employees are working on.
  • Adjust screenshot frequency to take 1, 2 or 3 shots every 10 minutes.
  • The screenshot feature can be turned off or you can opt to blur images.
  • Screenshots can be added to invoices as proof of work.

Learn more about employee productivity monitoring here.

Flexible Reports

Find out how long it takes your teams to solve Unfuddle tickets and which tickets are taking too much time. Hubstaff’s time reports displays useful information to give you a complete, concise overview.

  • Reports are automatically generated based on the time your team tracks to Unfuddle tickets using the Hubstaff desktop apps.
  • See how much time a user spends on a particular project or ticket.
  • Filter reports by user, project or date range.
  • Download, email or export time reports.
  • Use the reports for your business records.
  • Download reports to invoice clients for the exact amount of time spent on services.

Enhanced Pay Day

Once your team begins logging time with Hubstaff, you can use the time information to pay your remote employees automatically and accurately. Make pay day even better with streamlined, simplified payroll.

  • Link your PayPal account and Hubstaff for secure payments.
  • Manage payments and payroll right from within your Hubstaff account.
  • Pay teams for the exact amount of time worked.
  • Set pay rates for different employees.
  • Schedule payments to send out weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or twice a month.
  • Send payments manually or automatically.

Set up Automatic Payments and Payroll.

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