10% of Our Surveyed Customers Mentioned Need for Upwork Alternative

10% of Our Surveyed Customers Mentioned Need for Upwork Alternative

I recently sent out a survey to Hubstaff customers and asked them what problem they were solving with our time tracker. About 10% of the respondents said they needed an alternative to Upwork.

Some of the actual responses included:

  • “We need a solution cheaper than Upwork”
  • “We need an alternative to Upwork”
  • “We need an Upwork-like experience for our long term staff”

These responses revealed that Upwork, although effective as a time tracking solution, can be quite costly (though Upwork has changed its fee structure since then). It also revealed that people were irritated about how you can’t hire a freelancer outside of Upwork and then use its time tracking app.

With this information, we didn’t have to guess anymore if Hubstaff was a good alternative to Upwork. Our customers were telling us that it was.

In addition to cost, one of the things that came up a number of times was time tracking. Upwork offers its own time tracking software, but a number of respondents wanted another option.

Hubstaff vs. Upwork time trackers: the short version

Commissions X
Hiring restrictions X
Screenshots X X
Activity monitoring X X
Automatic payments X X
Weekly budgets X X
App and URL tracking X
GPS location tracking X

Our time tracking software also has integrations with popular project management solutions like Asana, Basecamp, QuickBooks, and Trello. This way, you can see which sites and apps your team is using most.

Upwork time tracking

With more than 12 million freelancers and 5 million clients, Upwork can definitely help you find a great freelancer. But they also take 5–20% of the freelancer’s pay, and charge clients a 2.75% transaction fee every time they pay.

For hourly contracts, clients can request that freelancers install Upwork’s time tracking application. When time is being logged, the app records mouse movements, keyboard activity, and screenshots every 10 minutes. This information is stored in a work diary that workers can edit before submitting to their client. This lets them delete screenshots or modify the amount of time billed.

It’s a relatively simple solution, and it gives both freelancers and clients the basic functionality they need to make sure work is getting completed and fairly paid for.

Hubstaff: an alternative to Upwork

Our new freelance marketplace, Hubstaff Talent, charges no fees. To anyone. Ever. It’s totally free. When you’re a small business strapped for cash, that makes a big difference. And we think that our time tracking software is a better choice, too.

They share a number of similarities; both record screenshots, mouse movements, and keyboard strokes. Both let you set a weekly budget for payments. And both let you schedule automatic payments. But only Hubstaff can work as a employee time tracking solution for both in-house and freelance employees.

And in addition to the standard default settings, Hubstaff allows managers to fine-tune the settings for their entire team from a single dashboard. You can change the frequency of screenshots, view levels of work activity, and manage payments. All of this can be done from a single, simple dashboard.

Hubstaff dashboard

Hubstaff also lets managers see which apps and URLs their employees spend time on, and allows for GPS tracking of work logged, so you can see where your employees or freelancers are getting work done.

In the end, the right solution will depend very much on your team and your budget. But we’re confident that you’ll love the Hubstaff time tracking software. Why not try it out? Your first two weeks are free. And if you have any thoughts about the Upwork or Hubstaff time trackers, let us know in the comments below!

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