How to Use SEO as a Marketing Tool

Marketing isn’t just about selling – it’s about communication. Whether you’re a sales rep, copywriter or account executive, you have to approach customers with the right messages. When it comes to marketing online, you also have to know how to craft messages that catch consumers’ eye. Many SEO professionals are learning this as well.

As the internet gets crowded and more websites compete for their share of attention, marketers are working nonstop to find ways to reach the top of the search engines, where you often see the best results. Since search engines are now an important part of online marketing, give SEO the focus it deserves, starting with these tips.

Understand Search Behaviors

How would a potential customer search for a York web design firm? How specific would the query be? Would your site be at the top of the list or on the third page? Any SEO strategy has to adapt to user searches, so devote part of your day to investigating them.

Use a reliable keyword analyzer to show you which terms have a lot of traction and might give you an edge. Also, stay up-to-date on changes to the algorithm. Google Hummingbird made searches more intuitive, but only those who knew about the change saw the benefit.

Address Customer Needs

People go to the web to look for things they need. It could be a product, or tips on how to achieve a particular goal. When thinking about how to optimize your website, keep these needs in mind as you optimize your SEO strategy.

Let’s say you sell shoes in Topeka. Anyone can get shoes anywhere, but most people are looking for something extra, like low prices or a hot designer. Incorporate this extra something into your SEO efforts, so people looking for “Steve Madden shoes Topeka” can find it on your site.

Write Straightforward Content

If it seems like website content is duller than it used to be, you’re right. Titles include less wordplay and use fewer puns, but only because search engines don’t reward them. On the other hand, they’re more to the point – as you should be in your content.

Web surfers use basic words like “how to do…” or “tips for making…” in their searches. Content marketers use those same terms in their infographic and blog titles. You’ll generate better results — both in rank and clicks — if you tell people what you’re offering instead of playing coy.

Test, Refine, Repeat

Traditional marketing was static because there wasn’t enough time or money to make changes. While online marketing isn’t free, it’s a lot easier to improve your campaigns, even after only one day. Take advantage of this by constantly testing and refining your SEO strategy.

Turn every campaign into a testing opportunity. If you want to run an ad on “women’s clothing in Peoria,” run another ad for “women’s designer clothing in Peoria.” Stick with the more successful ad, and test that against another alternative. Repeat until you get the desired performance.

Many of the newest online tactics have become part of online marketing, and SEO is no exception. Improve your marketing strategies by turning search engines into one of your most important channels.

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