This is part of a new weekly series that we’ll be doing where we take a question from Facebook or Twitter and answer it on our blog.

First here’s the brief question and answer from Facebook: (feel free to go there and add your own questions if you have any).

One of the coolest things about Hubstaff is that we’re building it with state of the art development techniques and really thinking through so many different scenarios before building.

Summary of the problem:

User has clients that he works for as well as a virtual staff. He wants to show his own activity to the client as well as his teams activity.


In Hubstaff there are Organizations and Projects. Both are totally flexible.

Organizations can be looked at as companies or as the name implies “organizations”. You can use organizations to limit who has access to the projects within the org.

Projects are more about how you organize your work. You could have a marketing project, a development project, traffic generations, sales, customer support, etc…

Here’s screenshot of our organizations screen.

Hubstaff on-boarding

So in this example the user could create an org for each of his clients, and then simply give them access to Hubstaff. The client would be able to log into Hubstaff and see activity for the user as well as his team in our reporting section.

So the answer is really as simple as inviting the client to be a “member” of an organization in Hubstaff.

Hubstaff Organizations

From here the client accepts the invitation to view your timelogs, screenshots, and activities and they can slice and dice however they want to in our reporting screen.

Hubstaff dashboard

Now your clients can access Hubstaff whenever they want, and get real time reporting on your and your team. They can get activity reports, see screenshots, filter by date, and more.

In the future we’ll be syncing this with payment and invoicing systems as well to make your life super easy…

Would love to know your thoughts on this solution and thanks for sharing your question.

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