Amanda Ray of VideoMedicine

Amanda Ray, the social media and sales manager of VideoMedicine, is one of the many satisfied Hubstaff clients who use time tracking to optimize efficiency. She recently discussed her experience using Hubstaff with us. Read the short interview below to know more.

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About the company

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VideoMedicine is a rapidly growing telemedicine platform that connects patients to doctors remotely all across the world. Their primary concern is increasing access to healthcare for those who need it.

Learn how they use Hubstaff’s innovative time tracking software and integrations to organize, prioritize and collaborate. Amanda answers some questions below on her experience with Hubstaff.

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What problem did you have?

As a fast-growing company, it was quickly becoming difficult to organize our daily tasks with random spreadsheets and emails. We felt like we were drowning in a sea of unorganized sticky notes and hand-written task reminders. We soon realized the need for a task-management solution to help optimize our efficiency as a team. Insightly was a great option for this, but their platform did not offer time-tracking technology.

That is, until we came across Hubstaff.

What was the solution?

Our company was on the hunt for top-notch productivity solutions, and we came across Hubstaff time tracking. What made this solution even more interesting to us was that Hubstaff had an integration with a variety of project management solutions including Insightly (which was exactly what we were looking for!). We had already been using Insightly for a number of weeks to organize our day-to-day tasks, so the Hubstaff/Insightly integration seemed like a logical step forward to help optimize our productivity as a team.

Learn more about Hubstaff’s Insightly time tracking integration here.

We loved Hubstaff for its ability to track multiple team members simultaneously, while at the same time creating invaluable work reports detailing the progress of daily tasks and projects.

Hubstaff made it easy to see where our time is spent as a team. It’s vitally important to know where your money is going as a company. Hubstaff made it possible for VideoMedicine to visualize the productivity of each individual staff member and independent contractor, thus giving our company a solidly organized foundation based on positive time management.

Whether we are interviewing health professionals, creating workflow spreadsheets, or simply answering internal emails, VideoMedicine can now keep track of how much time is spent on a particular application.

Hubstaff made it easy to see where our time is spent as a team.

What were the big wins?

Our company has saved money and time since our Hubstaff/Insightly integration. Since we work with such a wide variety of healthcare providers, it’s hard to keep simple items such as a doctor’s location/specialty/interview status organized without a reliable task management platform.

We’re now able to see where our time is spent, we know where our money is spent as well. There is no better way to streamline productivity.

Amanda Ray of VideoMedicine: "There is no better way to streamline productivity."

Why would you recommend it?

If your company desires optimal visibility of its productivity, not only as a team, but as individual players, then the Hubstaff/Insightly integration is a wonderful solution. With this integration, you gain not only valuable time management tracking, but also the ability to organize and assign tasks internally.

We are pleased with the platform and plan to continue utilizing both Hubstaff and Insightly for the long-haul.

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