6 Great Virtual Assistant Companies in India

Modern technology is helping businesses work to achieve their goals in effective and innovative ways. One of the ways companies are getting work done more efficiently is by using virtual assistants to take care of administrative or repetitive tasks. Virtual assistants can do anything from manage your schedule to organize your emails. Businesses can outsource tasks to virtual assistants in order to get more work done, quickly, efficiently and affordably.

Virtual assistants can be a great asset to any company, but it’s important to choose qualified virtual assistants and track their time and productivity. Once you find your ideal virtual assistant, you can ask him or her to research various topics, make travel plans, schedule wake up calls, manage your social media and more. To aid in your search for a great virtual assistant, Hubstaff did the research and found six virtual assistant companies in India.

1. Brickwork India

Brickwork India is based in Bangalore, India and provides business services such as sales support, research, social networking, blog management and other administrative tasks. They can assist your many departments, providing support in sales and marketing, web, administration and HR.

Brickwork India works with more than 7,500 clients in 88 countries, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups. Their engagement models are flexible and can be customized according to what’s best for your business needs. In order to begin utilizing services from Brickwork India, just submit a request for information, get a free quote and sign up.

2. Habiliss

Habiliss is a virtual assistant company from Chennai, India. They can provide virtual assistance in your daily tasks and business needs to help you gain back more of your time. Habiliss can make appointments, compose presentations, book your travel plans, send flowers and more. They work on a pay-as-you-go model. In other words, you only pay for what has been completed. Their examples of tasks include office help, website management and even wake up calls.

To work with Habiliss, just sign up for free, submit your requests and the Habiliss team will let you know once it’s done. Their website also has an online chat option, so you can make inquiries by instant messaging a Habiliss representative whenever it fits into your schedule.

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3. GetFriday

GetFriday is a division of Your Man in India that focuses on virtual assistants. It operates primarily out of Bangalore, India and offers flexible payment plans to suit your business or personal needs. You can opt for task-based plans, pay-as-you-go, or monthly hour allotments of 5 to 160 hours. GetFriday employs a team of 200 diverse professionals to have someone online 24/7, catering to all kinds of businesses and individuals in all time zones.

Use GetFriday by signing up for a GetFriday membership. You can send tasks to your assigned personal assistant via email, phone, fax or online. Your GetFriday virtual assistant will take care of the rest and let you know once your task has been completed. Your personal GetFriday assistant will be online during your office hours, and GetFriday staff are always online to handle any urgent requests you may have.

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4. Task Barge

Task Barge is a virtual assistant company in India that operates mainly out of Bangalore. They can handle personal and/or business tasks regardless of what plan you choose. Their plans are flexible to suit your budget and need, with options for project based plans or monthly plans that offer 5 to 150 hours. You can also contact them for a customized plan should you require more than 150 hours of virtual assistance a month.

To begin working with Task Barge, just sign up to get a free membership, choose your plan and begin working with your personal assistant. You can try their services for free for seven days. Task Barge utilizes four shifts of dedicated professionals to cover your needs 24 hours a day. You can contact your personal assistant during your shift through email, phone or chat to assign and discuss tasks.

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5. AskSunday

AskSunday is based in New York but sources talent from India to get your tasks done. It utilizes a dedicated assistant program with a primary and secondary assistant to ensure seamless work. You will work with your dedicated assistant but your secondary assistant will also be trained for your work when you sign up. That way, even when your primary assistant is out of the office, your secondary assistant can step in.

Your dedicated virtual assistant will get to know your work flow, preferred schedules, team members and working style. He or she will also learn how you prefer to communicate and receive updates. Dedicated assistants are available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week from Sunday night to Friday night via phone, email and instant messaging. To begin working with a dedicated assistant from AskSunday, sign up, submit your tasks and watch them be completed. Once you sign up, an AskSunday manager will call to help you determine the right amount of hours and skills you need for your tasks.

6. Acelerar

Acelerar logo

Based in Noida, India, Acelerar offers virtual assistants for hire. The staff can help with social media, internet research, email and chat support, administrative support, accounting support, appointment scheduling and more. They have flexible plans and offer a free trial. Just give them a call or fill out a form on their website, and you’ll get a free quote.

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