What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the idea of having someone else complete your business processes for you. The actual “processes” can be a huge range of things, and the location can be anywhere in the world. Many people confuse off-shoring with outsourcing. You don’t have to outsource your email to India. You can outsource your graphic design to Chicago, if you want… The idea is not about taking work overseas as much as it is about getting work of your desk.

You do outsourcing for one of two reasons.

  1. You have too much going on and you need to focus your time on the most productive tasks in order to truly move your business forward.
  2. The person that you are outsourcing to is actually better at the desired task than yourself or your internal team.

In this guide, you’re going to get my raw and uncut experiences of outsourcing and how you can use it to become more productive.

Outsourcing is, above all else, a mindset shift. It’s about not being a control freak anymore, and it’s about learning to manage people and processes instead of doing all the work yourself. Scary thought I know, but once you start – you’ll never look back.

It’s actually a great thing for your career and your life in general. It’s a great skill to have. Outsourcing is nothing more than becoming a great manager really.

If done right, then you end up with lower stress, way more work done, and a better business. Done incorrectly, it can cost you more money than you might think in hard cost and more importantly, opportunity cost. It can also add a huge amount of stress to your work life.

We’re going to teach you how to do it right.

In this guide you’re going to learn about what it takes to be a great outsourcer (and manager). You’re going to learn a) the tactics and b) the strategies. These are two drastically different things.

You’re going to learn what you can outsource, where to outsource, tools for outsourcing and managing, and you’ll learn a lot about online business.

Let’s start with the most basic lesson, but one that you must understand in order to have a growing online business. Here’s what you do… Take the amount of money that you want to make in a year, or the amount that you DO make in a year, or the amount your business makes, or however you want to calculate it. But let’s say that you’re at $150,000 a year.

Now you take 150,000 divided by the number of days that you work in a year… say 250. So 150,000 divided by 250 = $600 a day. That’s what you are worth. That’s the exact dollar amount that you are trading your time for. Now take 600 divided by a typical 8 hour day = $75 an hour.

Now, if you are spending your time doing work that can be outsourced for $10, then there is a big problem. Whether this is occurring in your own business or your day job or whatever – it’s not fair, and it’s not going to get you where you need to be. No matter how you analyze it, doing 10$ an hour work when you are getting paid $75 an hour is not the right thing to do. You need to be doing $150 an hour work in order to move forward.

What ends up happening believe it or not, is that the $10 an hour is almost always more demanding. Re-arranging PPC campaigns, getting the accounting done, and answering your inbox are often more demanding than designing the sales strategy for the next calendar year. It gets pushed back, pushed back, and soon your schedule is filled with these $10 an hour tasks.

The way to get away from this is to blueprint, then delegate. There are tons of tools that you can use to do this, and we’ll show you all of them in coming sections. But you must start by making a shift in the way that you think… No longer will you perform tasks that are “below your pay grade”. We are going to teach you how to find people that are awesome at these tasks and ready to help get them off your to-do list.

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