Hi, Jared here from Hubstaff.com – I’m one of the co-founders of Hubstaff along with my partner Dave Nevogt.

I know that we’ve been silent for a while but we’ve been busy rebuilding Hubstaff from the ground up!

I wanted to take a quick minute to explain who we are and why we are building Hubstaff. This is more than a business for us… it’s a lifestyle and a passion.

First off, we are both online entrepreneurs who’ve “lived in the trenches” for the past 7+ years online.

I am the lead developer for Hubstaff so I do all the development work. We are making great progress and I plan on filling you in more in the near future on the development timeline. I’ve spent the past few years running several smaller consulting firms that build web applications for other companies. I look forward to getting your feedback on the UI and development of Hubstaff. I believe that you’ll find it to be well thought out, simple and effective.

Dave Nevogt is my marketing counterpart. He has built and grown several businesses online. He’s the founder of Purepointgolf.com and several other online golf properties. He also has spent the last few years running Linkvana.com which specializes in SEO and internet marketing. So if you have questions about online marketing or traffic then he’s your guy!

Together we have the goal of making your online business run more smoothly and more profitable with lower stress. We manage over 30 outsourced employees in our businesses so we know first hand that it’s not easy.

We are building Hubstaff in order to make the day to day job of managing your team easier.

Hubstaff will not only be a software application, but also an education portal to pass on techniques for managing your virtual team more effectively.

Over the coming months we hope to help your business become more successful by sharing our experiences and teaching you how to get the most out of the Hubstaff software.

I’ll get some more info to you in a week or so regarding the timelines for the beta release.

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