Why to Outsource?

You outsource because it makes you money and it saves you time. And as they say… time is money.

Ok, let’s do this little exercise. What’s the top thing in your business or your job that if you could do this specific task all day long every day you’d be a superstar. You’d be making a ton of money, and your business would be flying.

For me, that one thing (and I probably share this with many other businesses) is finding leads.

For my company, I do this one task mostly through advertising, but it can also come from content generation, networking, tuning conversion processes, etc… In general though, the more eyeballs that I get on my ads, the more clicks I get, and the more leads I get into the top of my “marketing machine”.

Now, ask yourself a few questions…

  1. What is that one activity for your business?
  2. Is that your core competency? Is that what you love doing? Is that what you are really great at?

I’m going to go out on a limb here, and say that:

1. This may or may not be your core competency (what you are really good at and love doing)
2. You probably aren’t doing this cash-grabbing activity all day long every day.

If it’s not your personal core and you aren’t giving it all the attention it deserves, then that’s the absolute first person you need to bring onto your team. In my case, a rockstar advertising team member. Just think about all the problems that we just solved… this is the number one thing in your business, you cannot afford to not give it attention!

The cool thing is that there a TON of advertising people out there. People that know advertising like the back of their hand. People who are “advertising” at their core. And now with a global marketplace, you can reach them.

You could get a part-time PPC master from an ad agency in Chicago, or you can get a media buyer from London…

Depends on your business needs of course, but you get the point. These people are out there. Why are you spending your time trying to do everything yourself when there is someone else that would be glad to work for you, and probably do a better job than you’d do yourself.

Why to outsource then? You outsource in order to focus the attention in your business where it needs to be focused. Outsourcing can help you find a superstar team that puts energy into the most important aspects of your business, and that is the number one reason for outsourcing.

Steps to get started with outsourcing

One of the first things to think about before you find an outsourced worker is the actual task or tasks that needs done. Is it a software program that needs built, do you need to improve your conversion rates, or do you need help with your bookkeeping? These are all very different skill sets obviously. Chances are that the same person wouldn’t fit all of these tasks.

So step 1 is detailing the task and deciding on the skills your worker will need to have.

The second thing to decide on is whether you are looking for a full time employee or you view what needs to be done as a task. The task doesn’t have to be repetitive really, but the point is this.. you have to figure out how you look at the task. Take something like search engine optimization for example. .. do you want a full time employee doing the work? Do you have the plan or can you buy the plan? OR do you just want to buy the services on a task basis…???

You can find people to do your tasks in multiple ways. Here’s the deal… what you have to figure out first is if you want someone full time or a part time basis…

I personally prefer part time, project or task based work. I like this because I prefer specialists to do my work. If I want to hire a marketer, that’s fine… but they will be a marketer… they may have some marketing knowledge but if they are worth their weight, they are going to be 100k a year plus, right??? That’s a good marketing director.

Alternatively I can get a really good PPC ad specialist or a kick ass designer to do some mock-ups for me for around 50$ an hour. I mean that is top notch talent…

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