Case Study Quick Facts

      • Company: WRS Health
      • Location: Goshen, NY, with a remote team
        across the United States and several countries in different continents
      • Company size: 200+
      • Industry: Health Care / Technology
      • Primary customers served: Physicians and medical practices


  • Managing a rapidly growing, distributed team to meet the demand of health care software
  • The need for efficient processes as the company scales
  • Difficulty scheduling in different time zones


Hubstaff for remote team management, onboarding, and payroll


  • Quick onboarding of new team members with Hubstaff’s easy-to-use platform
  • Tracking time and paying over 150 team members in different countries
  • Easy scheduling of remote workers in different time zones and
  • Built-in productivity monitoring
  • Integrations with Bitwage and Payoneer for international, automated payments
  • Better labor cost management
  • Easy to scale up as company grows

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Caring for your customers’ customer

When you’re part of a B2B SaaS company, one of the greatest joys is seeing your positive impact on your customers’ customer.

It’s something Hubstaff and WRS Health have in common.

WRS Health provides fully integrated, cloud-based electronic medical record (EHR) and practice management solutions for medical practices. By filtering out the noise that creates unnecessary tasks and data entry, physicians spend less screen time with a computer and more face time with patients.

The outcome?

Streamlined, well-managed practices that can provide better care to patients.

The better quality product WRS Health provides, the greater benefits patient receive — whether that’s in scheduling, specialty care, or clinic experience.

However, delivering a superior product to health care clients isn’t without its challenges.

WRS Health website case study

Growing to meet the demands of health care

The health care industry continues to grow. As of 2018, it’s currently the largest U.S. employer. The move to electronic health records, coupled with the efficiencies afforded by better practice management, has put medical software in high demand.

WRS Health is feeling the side effects.

“Our business is growing, and recently, we had to hire about 30 people within a week,” explained Jing Moore, Chief Financial Officer.

To meet the demand, WRS Health has built a large remote team from around the world to provide timely services to clients.

As you can imagine, onboarding and getting 30 team members integrated into your business at once is no easy task. WRS Health set out to find a simpler path to growth, and discovered Hubstaff.

“It was easy to set up the new hires in Hubstaff and link them with a financial payment institute,” Jing continued. “We were able to track their hours and pay them right away.”

hubstaff payroll example screen

WRS Health was previously using another time tracking software but was unhappy with its pricing structure. Hubstaff premium plans are only $10/user per month, offering a more cost-effective solution for larger companies while still providing top tier features.

The affordability, combined with premium features, led WRS Health to share Hubstaff with its entire team.

“Because Hubstaff is easy to set up and use, our remote team members learned to use it quickly,” Jing explained.

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More than onboarding: Streamlining time tracking and payroll with Hubstaff

The more you grow, the more seamless all of your processes need to be.

In addition to bringing on new team members, processing payroll can consume a large part of your week without some level of automation.

WRS Health realized this right away and found Hubstaff useful in removing admin headaches.

hubstaff desktop timer

“We use Hubstaff for time management and processing payroll for about 140 overseas contractors in several countries around the world,” Jing said. “Hubstaff is easy for everyone to use and it makes the admin work much easier.”

The key features that WRS Health found helpful include:

What’s next for WRS Health

With a team of 200 professionals located around the world, WRS Health is able to deliver on client expectations and grow the business the way they want to. The time savings and ease of onboarding and payments makes Hubstaff a must-have tool for the company.

“We anticipate quick growth in the next few years and will expand our remote team rapidly. We plan to continue to use Hubstaff to help us grow,” Jing said.

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Hubstaff helps us to manage remote workers effectively with a very small in-house staff. The price is competitive, and it has reduced labor costs significantly.” – Jing Moore, CFO

Business outcomes

  • Better onboarding and management of remote staff
  • An easier way to monitor staff and track labor costs

“With the data from Hubstaff, we have been able to dive deeper into labor cost analysis,” Jing explained.

Knowing how your business operates, the processes needed to best manage your team, and where to improve profitability by reducing costs all work together to provide a better, smarter way to work.